West Berkshire Branch of CAMRA

Roy Bailey's West Berkshire Pub Quiz.

We hope you enjoyed the quiz and didn't find it too difficult!! If you've never heard of these pubs or would like to refresh your memories of where they are/were you'll find links to Google StreetView by the answer.

The Answers

1. The Hare and Hounds, Chieveley & Beenham - StreetView Link - StreetView Link

The picture shows the old sport of that name, featured in the film The Railway Children and more commonly know as a paper chase. The Chieveley pub was in East Lane; a wonderful 17th century building with a skittle alley, demolished to build a doctors’ surgery. The Beenham one was a Wethereds/Whitbread pub on the A4 where the Holiday Inn Reading West now stands.

2. The Fox and Cubs, Lilley - StreetView Link

This former little Morland alehouse on the B4494 north of Brightwalton is now a private house, but retains the lovely ‘artist’ plaque in its wall.

3. The Travellers Rest, Tutts Clump - StreetView Link

The picture of a motel indicates this name. Actually at the top of Dingley Hill and next to Tutts Clump Cider, this alehouse was bought by a couple from Reading, run for 6 months, then turned into a private house – but not without a fight!

4. The Star, East Ilsley & Newbury - StreetView Link - StreetView Link

The East Ilsley pub was another wonderful old building that was not converted to housing without a fight by CAMRA. The one in Newbury was a tiny alehouse which stood on the corner of London Road and Pelican Lane, opposite The Cross Keys.

5. The Wheatsheaf, Chieveley - StreetView Link

Another excellent Morland village pub converted to a house but retaining the plaque.

6. The Adam and Eve, Greenham/Newbury - StreetView Link

A rambling old pub which stood at the junction of the A339 and Queen’s Road, opposite Burger King. Demolished to make way for the Sandleford Link.

7. The Railway Tavern, Greenham/Newbury - StreetView Link

Another former Morland pub which stood right on the southern side of the A339 bridge over the railway and was also a victim of the Sandleford Link. The Andy Williams song, The Railway Hotel, is said to describe it perfectly!

8. The Red Lion, Compton & Lambourn - StreetView Link - StreetView Link

The Compton pub stood outside the village just up a side lane off Apple Pie Hill, and is now a private house. The one in Lambourn was a big hotel which stood in the Market Place, opposite the church. It is now a residential complex called Lion Mews.

9. The Stocks, Beenham - StreetView Link

Standing at the eastern end of this long village, this free house was turned into a private house by its owner, but, again, not easily!

10. The Axe and Compasses (later The Nut and Bolt), Burnt Hill/Yattendon - StreetView Link

Bought by a couple called Bolton in the 1970s, who changed the name. When asked why, they said, ‘Because we are the Bolts and all our customers are nuts!’ Now a private house.

11. The Oxford Arms (now The Tally Ho), Hungerford Newtown - StreetView Link

The arms of the City of Oxford indicate the former name of this pub on the A338 south of the M4. Now closed with a proposal for conversion to housing, but watch this space!

12. The Lamb, Lambourn & Hungerford - StreetView Link - StreetView Link

The Lamb on the Newbury Road in Lambourn has been closed for several years, and unidentified building work is going on. The one in Charnham Street, Hungerford has had a chequered career and is currently on the market.

13. The Blue Ball, Greenham/Newbury - StreetView Link

The clue could equally well be The Globe, but The Blue Ball in Kintbury used this sign until recently. Close to the A338 by the Greenham roundabout, the Newbury one has suffered 5 or 6 planning applications for change of use in the past few years, but it’s still there!

14. The Black Boys, Newbury - StreetView Link

Closed many years ago, this pub stood at the bottom of Bartholomew Street, by the railway bridge of that name.

15. The George and Pelican, Newbury - StreetView Link

The sign shows the area of Speenhamland bounded by London Road and Pelican Lane, with a galleried inn in the corner. This indicates the site of the famous 18th century coaching inn The George and Pelican, but the pub in question is the modern one in Bartholomew Street which closed in 2012.

16. The Marquis of Granby, Brightwalton - StreetView Link

The sign is of the 18th century cavalry general who lost his hat and wig in a charge, which gave rise to the saying, ‘going at it bald-headed’. He later used his money to set up many of his former NCOs in pubs, hence the large number of pubs of that name. Our pub stood on the B4494 almost opposite the turning to Brightwalton Holt.

17. The Rising Sun, Newbury - StreetView Link

A bit devious, this one! The Rising Sun (Son) is a punning reference to the up-and-coming Charles, Prince of Wales in the 17th century. It was the sign used by the Newbury pub which stood on the corner of Bear Lane. Replaced by the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

18. The Prancing Horse, Thatcham - StreetView Link

The famous Ferrari badge indicates this former pub in London Road, Thatcham, which was renamed by a Ferrari enthusiast in 1968, but closed in 1998.

19. The Castle, Newbury - StreetView Link

This former brewery tap of the Newbury Brewery Company stood in Jack Street, off Northbrook Street, and was variously known as The Captain’s Cabin and Uncle Henry’s. Demolished to make way for the Parkway development.

20. The Eight Bells, Newbury - StreetView Link

Still there in Bartholomew Street, and has been used for a number of purposes, but no longer a pub.

Roy Bailey – December 2012